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Passionate about teaching, I lead writing workshops for high school students and adults. In a respectful and supportive environment, I use guided writing prompts and gentle encouragement to foster creativity and expression. Getting words on the page allows us to clarify our thoughts, change our perspective and transform in ways we might not have otherwise imagined. I'm always amazed and inspired by the participants, who, through writing, discover their unique voices. All writing levels welcome. No prior writing experience is necessary.
Debbie’s kindness, understanding and support softened my way. It was an amazing class and experience, it was just what I needed. . . If you’re guided to one of Debbie’s courses, you’re meant to be there. Trust it and her!
— Participant, Writing Through Grief

Creative Aging One-Day Writing Workshops

Putting pen to paper helps us sort through the persistent questions that arise as we age: Who am I? What is my purpose? What do I want my life to look like? Through writing, we can delve deeper, change our perspective, and consider new opportunities. Both workshops will include writing prompts, short readings, and writing-related group discussions to help access and rediscover what’s truly important in this phase of life. 

Sign up for one or both days. This is an extension of the   “Re-Imagining Your Life: Creative Aging” writing workshop, but not a pre-requisite. Join us with the writing implement of your choice, a brown bag lunch, and an open mind!  No prior writing experience is necessary. All writing levels welcome. Light snacks and drinks will be provided.

Session 1:    Looking Back to Move Forward

Date: Thursday, June 14th

Time: 10:00 am - 3:00 pm

Location: Jewish Family Service, 1111 E. Brickyard Drive, Suite 218,  Salt Lake City        


Session 2:  Listening to Your Inner Voice: A Path to Insight & Clarity

Date: Tuesday, July 10th (full)

New Date Added: Tuesday, July 31st

Time: 10:00 am - 3:00 pm

Location: Temple Har Shalom, 3700 N. Brookside Court, Park City


Workshops are non-denominational and open to everyone

Cost: $50 per session

To Register: Email Liz Anderson at Elizabeth@jfsutah.org or call 801-746-4334



Re-imagining Your Life: Creative Aging Workshop


"Where do I belong?"

"Who am I, now that I'm not who I used to be?"

"What is my purpose?"

These are common questions we all ask as we grow older. Writing opens us up to new possibilities, helps unblock us, and reveals new pathways toward reinvention and discovery—it changes our perspective in ways that we might not have otherwise seen.

Through shared stories, guided writing prompts, readings, journaling, and other creative means, you will uncover your own personal answers, helping you find purpose and meaning in life's next act. Creative aging means tapping into experience, wisdom and curiosity to awaken a renewed sense of self and create a fulfilling and engaged life. A goal of the class is to work on a personal essay which will provide an opportunity to share your story. No prior writing experience is necessary. All writing levels are welcome.

Dates: TBA

It was brilliant!
— Participant, Creative Aging
Debbie is a master of providing you with a safe space where you can consider new choices for the second half of your life.
— Participant, Creative Aging

Writing Through Grief

Writing can help guide us toward deeper understanding of the pain and suffering of loss. Whatever the reason for grieving—divorce, death of a loved one, illness, aging, job loss, empty-nesting, moving—this workshop is designed to provide a supportive environment for participants to explore and honor all feelings of grief. Writing prompts, exercises and readings will offer new ways to express thoughts. Putting pen to paper gives us the opportunity to change perspective and transform suffering into healing. No prior writing experience is necessary. All writing levels welcome.

Dates: TBA

I opened up my grief so I could start to move through it instead of staying stuck.
— Participant, Writing Through Grief
Debbie, you were masterful about balancing spaciousness (listening, allowing) and direction (prompts, readings). I was especially moved by you sharing your own writing/experiences. I feel forever inspired by you.
— Participant, Writing Through Grief

College Application Essay Workshops

This four-part workshop will help you write your essay. Everybody has a unique story to tell and we'll guide you through the process of uncovering yours. Your essay should be a reflection of you and what makes you tick! Through writing prompts, brainstorming, critiquing published essays, and group sharing, we'll offer new ways to tap into your creativity. Discussions will include what makes a great 'hook,' basic writing techniques, the 'do's and don'ts of college essays, what makes an essay standout, and how to use details to make your essay shine. All writing levels are welcome.
There wasn’t anything I didn’t like . . . I loved it and found it very helpful.
— Participant, College Application Essay Workshop

Summer 2018

Dates: Tuesdays and Thursdays, June 19 - June 28

Times: 10:00 am - 12:30 pm

Location: Thorup Tutoring, 4527 South 2300 East, Suite #106, Holladay, UT


Fall 2018

Dates: Workshops starting October 1st and October 26th

Register: Call 801-272-7323


Writing through Grief” with Debbie Leaman provided a safe space in which we could explore the many facets of grief and loss. Through writing prompts, we were gently guided through and allowed to express difficult emotions integral to the grieving process. As we voluntarily shared our experiences, we connected with one another and realized that though our grief may be solitary, we were not alone.
— Participant, Writing Through Grief
This was so hard, but so worthwhile! Debbie is a fantastic teacher! She did a wonderful job creating a safe and respectful container.
— Participant, Writing Through Grief
I’m really so very happy I took her Writing through Grief workshop. Debbie Leaman did our group such a service by knowing her material well, and by offering plenty of other reference materials and resources for a wide perspective on the topic. Her ability to be vulnerable by sharing her own stories of personal grief and her deep listening skills for other’s stories are strong suits. Her skills as a writer are invaluable as well. Anyone who is trying to find their way through grief would do well to choose Debbie as a shepherd.
— Participant, Writing Through Grief
I found this class to be one of the better classes I had attended. Sharing helps dealing with problems that are very difficult to handle on your own. I felt that I had made a significant leap forward in resolving long standing issues . . . in a very positive way. I would recommend this class to anyone.
— Participant, Writing Through Grief
Debbie’s writing workshop helped me reconnect to my true self, that inner voice I had stopped listening to, that place where the answers to my life’s questions live. From there I worked through my resistance – regret, fear, and challenge – by writing, and discovered how to navigate the rough waters of change.
— Participant, Creative Aging
It was thought-provoking, healing, encouraging and helpful. (The workshop) is helping me move into the future.
— Participant, Creative Aging
By doing the written exercises Debbie gives us, and with a tiny shift of thought, we often remember interests and passions that we had forgotten. Debbie is a great teacher.

— Participant, Creative Aging
The Creative Aging workshop opened me to a new consciousness. Debbie’s prompts allowed me to access a part of me that has been hidden and that I was unaware of until now. . . This is an amazing journey into self to find self.
— Participant, Creative Aging