"I can't write," is something people often tell me. My experience as a freelance writer, writing coach, and developmental editor has taught me that everyone can write. Sometimes all we need is a little help.

Whether you are a business client, a participant in a writing class, or want to make sense of a writing project, I can help you reveal the heart of your work. Through thoughtful listening, coaching and encouragement, I can guide you to dig deeper and help translate your concepts, ideas or experiences and put them into words. (Read More...)



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  Fall 2019

Write Your Creative Aging Story: The Art of the Personal Essay

Wednesdays, 1:30 pm - 3:30 pm

September 25th - November 6th

Osher Lifelong Learning Institute

Creative Aging workshop featured in The Park Record

Live interview on KPCW "The Mountain Life"

 Writing Through Grief                                      

Writing as a Tool to Cope with Anxiety                         

Writing as a Tool to Cope with Anxiety

Thursdays, 5:15 pm -7:15 pm

October 10th - November 14th

Jewish Family Service

Non-denominational. Open to everyone.

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Awarded 2nd Place in the 2017 Utah Society of Professional Journalists Contest

Finalist in both the 2016 Utah Society of Professional Journalists Contest and 2011 Writers@Work Memoir Competition

The Mindful Vacation                                

Halfway into our silent seven-day mindfulness retreat my husband and I had a whopping argument. At least in my mind. One-sided fights are a challenge when you can’t talk. Howard and I had been meditating for over a year when our instructor suggested we go to a retreat to deepen our practice. Howard was eager to sign up; it took me longer to agree. Was that how I wanted to spend our precious vacation time, the week of our 22nd anniversary? Really?

Learning to Love the Garden in an Empty Nest

learning to love the garden
Years ago, when my husband Howard and I were first dating, he looked around my Manhattan apartment where I’d wedged assorted shriveled plants and flaccid palms into a corner behind my bicycle. He was quiet. “Do you think you’d be better with kids than a garden?” he asked. I laughed, but wasn’t so sure. “Of course, I love kids!” If only plants would cry for attention, I’d have a better shot at caring for them. “In my next life,” I told him, “I’ll be a gardener.”

Ski Lessons                                                 

ski lessons
I should be a fearless skier. After all, I’ve skied for forty years. Since the age of seven, it’s been a part of my life. I’ve hiked up cornices and skied down narrow chutes, across exposed bowls and through thickets of trees. I even did a brief stint at racing. With all of this experience, anyone might conclude that I am a competent and intrepid skier. But I’m not.


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