Writing Coach / Freelance Writer / Developmental Editor

debbie leaman

"I can't write," is something people often tell me. My experience as a freelance writer, writing coach, and developmental editor has taught me that everyone can write. Sometimes all we need is a little help. 

Getting words on the page is the first, and sometimes the hardest step in the writing process. To me, it's like cleaning out a closet— you don't know what you have until you get it all out. Then, sorting through the piles, you slowly organize it all to figure out what makes sense to keep, what doesn't and what's missing. 

I didn't start out as a professional writer, but writing has always been an important part of my life—a fundamental way for me to clarify my thoughts, the path to finding my true inner voice. In my former life, I was a managing director at a Manhattan brokerage firm and a Certified Financial Planner®, but always found time to write. After 20+ years of analyzing mutual funds and reading prospectuses, I finally took the leap and left the financial world to tap into my creative self and pursue a career in writing.  My personal essays and articles have been published in local, national and international magazines, as well as in various trade journals and on numerous websites. (Read More...Publications)

Now, passionate about teaching and helping others discover their own voices, I lead writing workshops for high school students and adults. I'm always inspired by the participants, who, through writing, gain insight and learn more about themselves. (Read More...Upcoming Classes)

I also work with businesses to shape and convey their unique messages through web content, brochures and marketing materials. Listening to clients, I help them capture their vision and turn it into a reality. (Read more...Freelance Work) 

Whether you are a business client, a participant in a writing class, or want to make sense of a writing project, I can help you reveal the heart of your work. Through thoughtful listening, coaching and encouragement, I can guide you to dig deeper and help translate your concepts, ideas or experiences and put them into words.