Creative Aging Blog - a forum to share our stories!

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For years I've resisted setting up a blog. I'm a deliberate writer, so feeding a blog when I'm not inspired or don't have time isn't something I felt comfortable with. But, about a year ago, when I was preparing  my Creative Aging writing workshops, I scoured the web for personal essays on aging and I came up short. I couldn't find any sites for these types of pieces. And that got me thinking . . .

Determined to propel myself out of my comfort zone, and in the spirit of "creative aging," I decided to launch my blog as a forum for original essays on any aspect of life over fifty.

I'm certain we share some similar feelings, fears, emotions, occasional slips of memory and bouts of joint pain. But, it's our unique experiences, different perspectives, and personal reactions  which make this aging thing so interesting.  I say, bring this all to light and let's tell our courageous, funny and poignant stories.

As the spirit moves me, I'll post from time to time, but the real impetus behind my blog is to provide an online space for many voices to be heard.  What's your creative aging story? I'd love to read what you have to say.   Send it my way!