Grab a pen - here's a writing prompt!

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In order to your get creative aging juices flowing, I'm going to offer writing prompts from time to time. These are questions to get you thinking about yourself in different ways.  So, grab your writing tool of choice (laptop, pen, pencil, paper), find a comfortable spot to sit and put your critical voice on hold. In fact, tell your inner critic to leave the room.  Read the prompt, think about it and start writing without censoring yourself. Nobody will see this; it's strictly for you. Take at least ten minutes to write whatever comes to mind and keep your pen, pencil or fingers on the keyboard moving. Write until you feel that you just can't say anymore—like squeezing the final bit of toothpaste out of the tube.  Stop, take a breath and read what you wrote. You might just be surprised. Ready?   

Writing Prompt:  Find a picture of yourself when you were younger, preferably as a child, teen or young adult. If you don't have a picture, don't worry about it. Now, write a letter to your younger self. From who you are now, and with all of your life experience, what words of wisdom would you impart to this younger version of you? 

Have fun with this! 

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