Being Forgetful Can Actually Make You Smarter, A Hyperreal Nude Redefining Beauty, and Aging Hippies in “Hair”

Over the past few months I’ve come across some relevant and interesting articles/videos pertaining to “Creative Aging.” Thanks to my friends for thinking of the blog and forwarding many of these to me. Below are links to a few of them. Enjoy!

Being Forgetful Can Actually Make You Smarter


Did you know that forgetting the name of “that actor” in “that movie” you saw years ago is actually healthy for your brain? Monica Torres, on the website Ladders, explains how selective memory can be a sign of stronger intelligence. Read on!

A Hyperreal Nude Redefining Beauty


This beautiful short video from the BBC focuses on an intimate portrait of an aging body and asks the question, “what defines real beauty?” Take a look . . .

Staging ‘Hair’ With Actors Who Are Losing Theirs


This New York Times article, by Dominic P. Papatola, reviews a revival of Hair played by AARP eligible actors with aching backs and wrinkles — nude scenes and all. A great example of moving out of one’s comfort zone! Read more . . .

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