Creative Aging Essays

My Life According to Food By Michele Straube

The first few months of retirement gave me time to reflect on what provides meaning in my life, what I really value and want to spend time on.  Then came the month of December, a month filled with three family birthdays in addition to all the usual celebrations.  I realized that food plays a most essential role in how I move through my days.  Yes, I need food to survive.  But food is so much more than physical nourishment for me. 


Love for Women Who Are Apples By Leah Forster Gauvin

When I was in high school, I was so slim that the history and government teacher took my best friend aside to ask her two questions: 1. Was I anorexic?; and 2. If not, was my family too impoverished to feed me? (Neither was the issue, I was just thin and a dancer.)

Strands of Loss – Strands of Grief – Strands of Gratitude by Madeleine Sigman-Grant

From the earliest time, I can remember strands of yarn in my hands. Even before I could manipulate a needle, I held my arms out as my mother laced skeins of yarn around them so she could roll the yarn into balls. That motion symbolizes my life – unravel, rewind, create, unravel yet again . . .

Connecting with My Inner Artiste! By Cathleen O’Connor Ph.D.

Summer is approaching, and I am looking forward to that time of year when life seems to naturally slow down and I get to catch up on books I haven’t read, dip my toes in the water and breathe a bit more deeply.