Michele Straube

My Life According to Food By Michele Straube

The first few months of retirement gave me time to reflect on what provides meaning in my life, what I really value and want to spend time on.  Then came the month of December, a month filled with three family birthdays in addition to all the usual celebrations.  I realized that food plays a most essential role in how I move through my days.  Yes, I need food to survive.  But food is so much more than physical nourishment for me. 


Aging Backwards by Michele Straube

My cousin-in-law sends birthday greetings to his female relatives telling us we’re “aging backwards.”  I’ve always thought it was a cute sentiment, but realized on a recent hike that it might actually be true for me.  Thanks to the miracles of modern science and a strong stubborn streak in my family history, my aging future looks more active and agile than my middle age past.